​Holiday Decorations
 - 2019 Winners!

Thanks to all neighbors who decorated their homes this season with such beautiful lights and artwork.  It is so nice to drive and walk through our amazing community to see all that makes this time of year so special.  Over the last few nights, our winners from last year's competition voted on the outcome for this year. Thank you to our judges -- the  Dawsons, Higgins, Cirritos , and Laprades for their votes.  And a huge thank you to Colleen Diapolous for coordinating this annual event.     

So...........the results of the contest, along with photos, for this year are............ :

First Place: Scott and Michele Thompson, 5380 Landing Creek
Second Place: Alice Garcia, 4947 Landing Creek
Third Place: Brian and Barbara Bols, 5020 Landing Creek
​Honorable Mention:  Dave and Sue Grofic, 5427 Landing Creek

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

Happy Holidays at River Landing!

Third Place -- Brian and Barb Bols

Second Place -- Alice Garcia

First Place -- Scott and Michele Thompson

River Landing

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