Gary Gautreau
President of the Board of Directors
772-285-2255   E-Mail: Gary Gautreau

Mark Spears
Vice President of the Board of Directors
772-215-0486  E-Mail: Mark Spears

Lori Glaspey
Secretary of the Board of Directors
772-341-3327  E-mail: Lori Glaspey

Matt Cirrito
Treasurer of the Board of Directors
772-708-7683  E-mail: Matt Cirrito

John Brady
Director on the Board
772-538-6872  E-mail:John Brady

Porfirio Gomez
​Director on the Board
631-398-3147  E-mail: Porfy Gomez

Jeff Trego
Director on the Board
561-254-9768  E-mail:Jeff Trego

Bill Wilmot
Director on the Board
561-301-0607  E-mail: Bill Wilmot


Who To Contact:

Membership Chair:  Lori Glaspey  772-341-3327   E-Mail: Lori Glaspey

ARB Chair:  Bill Wilmot, 561-301-0607  E-Mail:Bill Wilmot
Compliance Chair:   Dave Grofic 772-321-7962   E-Mail: Dave Grofic
Gates Chair:  All Board Members
Boatyard/Recreation Chair:  Jeff Trego 561-400-3342 E-Mail: Jeff Trego
Landscaping/Lakes/Preserves Chair:  Porfy Gomez  631-398-3147  E-Mail: Porfy Gomez
General Maintenance Chair:John Brady 772-220-9424  EMail:John Brady

River Landing's Property Owners Association is governed by the Board of Directors.  The names and contact information is as follows:

Board Of Directors

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Property Owners Association